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A Visit With Mom and Dad

Here We Are Visiting Mom and Dad at Darlington Provincial Park

It’s Lilly and Ivy’s World

Photos Last Updated: September 4, 2013 1:41 AM

Camping 2013

More Photos By Christina-Maria

Happy Birthday Ivy

Ivy Ready for Dishes

Lilly and Ivy Captured

Here Are Some Images Captured From Video For Possible Use As My YouTube Thumbnail

Lilly’s Airplane

Lilly and The Lorax Book


Books in Bed

Sitting On Uncles Legs

iCatt and Friends

Easter 2013

More Easter Photos Can Be Found Courtesy of ChristinaMariaTard Here and Here

Time With Family 2005 – Present

Ivy and Uncle On The Computer

Photo By Christina-Maria Tard

Were Sleeeeepgin!

Sick Little Ivy

Happy Birthday Beppe

DailyBooth.. Oh The Memories

Lilly Watches Arthur