October 22-23 & 26 2014

Join Lilly, Ivy and Life Church Oshawa as we embark on a busy week. 1. We deliver flyers for Sean Lockhart’s Election Campaign 2. The Kids Are H...

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A Busy Week [Lifecast 610]

August 26 2014

Join Lilly, Ivy and myself as we open a special gift from Mommy. Then we go play outside again and play a special game of Soccer. [August 26 2014 Vlog...

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Surprise Its A….. [Vlog 596]

2014 Family Reunion

Join The Minnesota Dykstras and The Durham Dykstras as we come together for a family reunion at Orono Park in Orono, Ontario, Canada The Dykstra Famil...

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2014 Dykstra Family Reunion

August 23 2014 copy

Run or Dye is the World’s Most Colorful 5K™ — your chance to have THE most color-filled day of your life with family and friends as you ...

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Run or Dye [Vlog 595]

August 19 2014

Join Ivy as she dances, talks to the camera and goes to church with her sister Lilly [August 19, 2014 Vlog #592] Last Vlog:

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Dancin With Myself [Vlog 592]

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