August 4 2014

Join Me For An Adventure As I Am Alone With Ivy For The Afternoon [August 4, 2014 Vlog #582] Last Vlog:

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Adventures With Ivy [Vlog 582]

July 9 2014

Christina (Mommy) Takes Lilly and Ivy Out to The Park For Photos and Play Time [July 9, 2014 Vlog #576] Last Vlog:

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Photos With Mommy [Vlog 576]

June 30 - July 3 2014

Join Lilly and Ivy’s World Has They Go To The Park in Oshawa, The Park in Whitby and Do Some Then Exercise! [June 30 - July 3, 2014] For More of...

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At The Park [Vlog 573]

May 25 2014 - Woofstock copy

Mommy, Lilly and Ivy along with Uncle are off to Toronto with the Dogs Tai-Che & Foxy to visit the festival of dogs Woofstalk Photos Can Be Found ...

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Woofstalk [Vlog 567]

May 5-8 2014

Join The Dykstra Girls On A 3 Day Adventure Ivy Rides Her Scooter [May 5, 2014] Ivy Tells About Her Afternoon With Daddy [May 6, 2014] The Girls Take ...

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Almost My Birthday [Vlog 562]