February 20, 2014

Watch As Ivy Dances Along With Roll Play and Lilly Tells Us What She Has Been Up To Today Here is Ivy’s Entire Dance from MJSiebolt Quickies [Fe...

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Dancing [Vlog 535]

February 19 2014

Join Lilly and Ivy As They Do Their Hair, Play With Uncle and Text Mommy About Potato and Then After All of That 5 Year Old Ivy Gives Us A Tour of Her...

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Potato?? [Vlog 534]

February 14-15 2014

Join Lilly and Ivy As They Spend Valentines Day Weekend With Uncle and Then on Saturday See Where I End Up [February 14-15, 2014 Vlog 532] For More of...

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Valentines Day [Vlog 532]


Join Lilly and Ivy As They Get Busy Decorating Water Bottles, Teaching Uncle Rainbow Loom and Getting Ready For School. [January 12th - 14th, 2014 | V...

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Crafty Kids [Vlog 524]