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Is There A Grey Line?


You know there has been something on my mind in the last little while since my hard drive had a boot loop malfunction trying to install Mavricks. In that I lost about 40 gigs worth of mp3s legal and bootleg. Not to worry I only recovered from my cds and itunes account. This got me to thinking.. I am a geek/nerd/tech lover what ever you call it I am with the best of them. But.. in the world of the internet what is the line between bootleg and legal downloads.

Some people have said to me that with TV shows because they go free to air that we have a right to download them. Others like a Pastor friend of mine, won’t even listen to music or look at a  tv show or movie if it is on a burned DVD/CD but what really is the Grey area? Is there a Grey Area? Is there a line? Some might say yes that the content we are downloading belongs to someone and cost lots of money to produce and send out to us. But then again are the stores that re-sell moves, games and tv shows boot legging  as well and are we buying something illegal? I have often wondered this.

Then all of that brings up another issue YOUTUBE!!! There are so many programs both Mac and PC that allow us to download videos that really arn’t ours and really do we have the right to download? Programs that allow us to Torrent, Download and Grab files on the internet are of great technology and brought us to the era that we are in.

Lets look at the great Napster trial between Napster and Metallica which lead to the whole debate on Peer to Peer file sharing and its ramifications. Some artists came out in favour of it like Madonna but like Metallica the industry was in a up roar. CDs made it easy to share and easy to make copies of. I did it with a friend of mine and copied some of his to cassette tape (as I only had a portable tape player at the time) but even before all of this we had cassette tapes and people were coping them and what was the line then.

You see this debate is not new it just took a whole new level in the 90s with Napster, File Sharing and Downloading of programs. Lets take a look I think by now you are getting the idea but here is what I thought about when we talk about coping/downloading/bootleg

Record / Cassette / CD / MP3

  • Records to Cassette Tape
  • Cassette Tape to Cassette Tape
  • CD to Cassette Tape
  • Cassette Tape to CD though our computers
  • CD to MP3 / Cassette to MP3 (MP3, WMV, RMJ, RMA)
  • MP3 to CD both Audio and Data Discs
  • CD to DVD in the Data Disc Form

Video / VCD / DVD / Blu-Ray / MP4

  • Beta to VHS
  • VHS to VHS
  • VHS to VCD
  • VCD to DVD
  • VHS to DVD Movie Recorders
  • VHS to Data File / DVD to Data File (AVI, WMV, MP4, RMV)
  • Blu-Ray Moves to Data File (AVI, WMV, MP4, RMV)
  • Blu-Ray Movie Data Discs
  • DVD to Blu-Ray

Where is the ownership these days on the formats or media, what is the ownership on the audio and video file. Who really owns the works, the media format or the download. Is it iTunes, Amazon Prime and other such services. Is it the artists like Katy Perry or Actors Like Ellen Pompeo or even the studios like ABC, NBCUniversal etc.. Were is the fine line is it Grey or Black, Black or Blue. Those of us who have or are downloading this content are we doing something wrong.. Does over the air TV make it legal to download them.

Should we be going with 100% legal including Netflix, TV stations online (ABC, CTV, CBS, CityTV), iTunes that is a good question I keep asking but what is the fine line? Ask yourself that same question the next time you lose a ton of data and the rest will follow. I cannot tell you what to do I can only do what I can for myself

Till Next Entry

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