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The Digital Pack-Rat (Part 2)

This is a continuation of My Computer Crash HEEEEELP! (Part 1)


In the last article I explain that my Apple MacBook had crashed and that after calling Apple we determined that the hard drive was dead. So what do we do now? Lets look at one scenarios and in part 3 cover the second one.

1. I have another computer in the house so I should be okay

So you have another computer in the house congrats! I know it is not the same and you have lost all your settings and may have had to go from MAC to Windows (XP, Vista, 7) but it is something. I had to go from Apple OS X Leopard to Microsoft Windows XP on My HP Desktop PC this was not a big stretch for me as my church uses both Mac and PC with a Windows 2000 Server

I was very thankful for a backup computer as I do a lot of work for my church and am able to get the work done at home when I am not feeling well. I was more thankful that all my my external hard drives were NTFS Formated (Mac File System). You see I left them that way so we could use them on any computer in the church and I found a program that would allow me to read and write to NTFS drives on a Mac by Paragon Software Group so all of this saved my bacon and the fact that I only lost close to 2 gigs was amazing as I have so much in the way of Audio and Video files.

Now it was just a matter of getting used to all of those pesky Windows commands and keyboard short cuts again. You see the apple keyboard is a bit different from the Windows/PC keyboard, Macs to me makes so much more sense.  Then the next question do I have all the programs I need to be able to read all my files? I had to do a checklist in my head

1. Microsoft Office –> Check
2. Imovie –> Crap Mac Only
3. Adobe Reader so I can start 31 Days to a Better Blog –> Check
4. VLC & Itunes With Quick Time –> Check
5. Audacity and Shuangs Audio Joiner so I can do the sermons –> Check

So I was okay! I knew that there would be more down the road but in the mean time this would work.

So I was all set I just now had to get my MacBook fixed. This took some work. First off to Best Buy where they are an official retailer for Mac in Durham. They said the same thing Apple said, dead hard drive. They told me 100 – 140 to get the drive and put it in. More if I wanted them to install the OS X

Now, what do I do? Look around for more prices or stick with Best Buy? Well unbeknown to me there was a small computer shop that opened up by my house now like all small mom and pop shops you assume that they only work in PC but I decided to ask anyway and see what they said and well they quoted me 100 – 144 to get the hard drive fixed and installed. Me I was just shocked that someone new something about macs other then the big stores and they are only a 5 min walk from my apartment.

So now we know the problem.. My Hard Drive is DEAD it is DOC (Dead on Crash) so now we have to get it fixed. Now it is just a matter of where and for what kind of money or do I invest in a new Mac? To Be Continued!

In part 3 of this article we will look into what to do if you don’t have another computer in the house or access to one.

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